Live Asian Handicap Odds and Over – Under Predictions

Live Asian handicap originates from Asia by bookies who offer a better chance of winning than fixed odd betting. Its popularity started from Asia and spread to West importantly in the UK. It seems difficult to understand but it is simple. Live Asian handicap odds and over – under predictions is a betting where before starting the game two teams are given a handicap either positive or negative.

The handicap is a figure such as +0.5 or +1.0 or +1.5, or -0.5 or -1.0 or -1.5. there are plenty of different handicaps in a given game for you to pick from. The handicaps reflect somehow the strengths of teams.

The odds for each handicap will differ as well. In live Asian handicap at Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker, your stakes will be distributed equally on the two handicaps. The handicap for the favorite is preceded by a minus and the handicap for the underdog is indicated by a plus.

Live Asian Handicap Odds and Over – Under Predictions Vs Fixed Odds betting

Asian Handicaps live eliminates the possibility of a draw. The weaker team will get a handicap from bookies for balancing the odds so that there is an equal probability for each team to win the game. The possible outcomes of the game are two that are game include “home win” and “away win”. Handicap here means to a weaker team, that is perceived as weaker, has received a virtual head start, effectively leading the game with a number of goals as ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 1 ¼ etc.

Live Asian Handicap Odds and Over - Under Predictions
Live Asian Handicap Odds and Over – Under Predictions

Advantages of Asian Handicap

  • A possibility of draw result is eliminated giving you more chances of winning. Possibility of outcomes in it is 33%
  • You can win your bet, depending on the handicap, even if the team you bet on don’t win the game.
  • Because of big handicap, you can win the match even if you bet on a team you believe will lose the game. When the favorite team wins the game by one goal.
  • A goal can take you from losing to winning when following the match live as tension is high.
  • If multiple bets are placed when you play at The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site in Malaysia, possible outcomes are much less than in fixed odds.

Advantages of Fixed Odds

  • There is a high number of bookmaker from which you can choose.
  • It is suitable for the accumulator to bet on sure games and it is possible in it.
  • Bigger odds on outsiders; underdogs.
  • Easy to find value bets.

Important Guide to Live Betting in Asian Handicap

When betting in Live Asian Handicap you are betting only on a reminder of the match: means previous goals in match scored are irrelevant for the outcome. The outcome is only calculated by the goals scored after you placed the bet.

Live Total Goals (Under and Over) Betting

When you are betting on under and over goals you are betting on the total number of goals of a match that means that all previous goals are also included in the outcome of the wager. Your bet can either be over or under the goal-line.

If the total goals are equal to goal-line your money will be refunded. If your “over” the bet on the line is 4 so you will lose if the goals are equal or less than 3 and win if the goals are more than 4. If exactly 4 goals are scored your stake will be refunded.

If your “under” bet is 3.5 so you will lose if the goals are 4 or 5 and win if the goals are less than 3.5 and if goals are equal to 3.5 your stake will be refunded.


Mostly, live Asian handicap betting is preferred in Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets games rather than the standard betting as in it here are more chances of winning.

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