Online Tai Sai Bet Probability and Game Guide For Newbies

Are you an avid casino player? Are you looking for a new casino game to try on? The one that will increase the entertainment you need but at the same time can still earn profit from it? Good thing! Because online Tai Sai bet probability and game guide for newbies on playing this game.

There are still a lot of casino game that where yet to discover, they are only around the corner waiting to be noticed. They are also fun and entertaining and can also give a very good fortune. And one  of this game is the Tai Sai or can be also called as Sic Bo.

Online Tai Sai Bet Probability and Game Guide For Newbies

Tai Sai, or Sic Bo as it is often called, is a Chinese dice game where players bet on the possible outcomes of the roll of 3 dice. Just like any other casino game, it is a game that more likely rely on chances it can be played at Live casino gambling games and best free bets website with lots of promotion offers.

Online Tai Sai Bet Probability and Game Guide For Newbies
Online Tai Sai Bet Probability and Game Guide For Newbies

But if properly played, it can be turned into a strategy game, just like craps in some parts, where knowing the right bets to make can be the difference between winning and losing. This is mostly known in Macau and any other Asian casino.

Since Tai Sai is a new game to hear, it is a fact that many casino players got interested on playing it at The Most Trusted Live Casino Website In Malaysia, making them as newbie of it. That  is why it is a must to study it very well first, before starting the game.

Because a money will be at stake on this game, and no now would really like to loose randomly just because of some impulsive decision of playing it without knowing its a rules. Study shows that best bets on the Tai Sai table have a house edge of around 2.8% – not too far different from playing single-zero roulette.

But the worst bets on the Sic Bo or Tai Sai table have a house edge of around 47% – clearly you’ll want to avoid those. Because of these numbers, everyone who wanted to play this should be alarmed, so that the game will really go smoothly.

Guidelines for the Tai Sai newbies

To prevent any huge damages on your investment as a newbie in a Tai sai, enough knowledge must be implemented to have a great possibility of winning the game. So to start with is to read some guidelines, just like what i’m going to present here. First is that the dealer covers the come and the 3 dice spin inside the covered dome. The game will rely its flow on the dice judgements.

After this, is to bet on any of the combinations that you think will win by placing your chips clearly in the area marked on the table. You can bet on as few or as many areas as you like. It is time to decide on where and what to stick on. If you are lucky enough, your choices will be selected.

Then the dealer will call “no more bets” and the cover of the dome is removed, as it is the sign of revealing the dice judgement, so prevent further confusion no one is allowed to move their bets once the dealer already announced those words.

How to Know When You Have Won

And lastly the winning areas will light up so you can see if you have won. It is the easiest way to recognize if you got against and won the game. So be very attentive on it, because newbies miss your chances. These are just simple Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site Tai Sai tips that can help you win a good game as newbie. So better have a more understanding with the game and ensure great winnings.

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