Play Instantly Dr Lovemore by Playtech With 5 Bonus Rounds

Play Instantly Dr Lovemore by Playtech With 5 Bonus Rounds. If you are not familiar with Dr Lovemore, then be prepared to be surprised. This doctor is a true Playboy that is willing to sacrifice everything in order to get the love of women. Who would have thought that someone who was so flamboyant as Dr Lovemore actually provides so many bonuses to every player? You can enjoy many fascinating things in Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android where the biggest surprise in this game will be contained in a bonus round which invites you to choose one of five options available.

The game is designed to look so colorful. You will find bright colors, a little bit tacky. Nevertheless, you certainly agree that the look of the game is actually designed so impressive. You will find the used graphics are very detailed and relevant to the themes offered. The graphics on this game are even designed up to aspects of the bonus round. You will enjoy the game with gameplay that is interactive and easily won.

Play Instantly Dr Lovemore by Playtech With 5 Bonus Rounds
Play Instantly Dr Lovemore by Playtech With 5 Bonus Rounds

Play Instantly Dr Lovemore by Playtech With 5 Bonus Rounds

Symbols and gameplay

Impressive graphics displayed on the game Dr Lovemore packaged in a classic and elegant shades. The graphics complement the 5 reels and 20 paylines available also in Slot machine games, free slot betting website to make the game more interactive. You will have managed to land a winning combination on 5 reels provided by utilizing the symbols of the game Dr Lovemore. You can set the bet will be placed and the line that will be used. If you are ready to start the game, you only need to press the spin button and the reels will spin automatically.

You seem to be really ready craze with Dr. Lovemore. Moreover, the symbols used in the game is quite strange and a little eccentric. For example, you will find the symbols of condoms which consists of five different flavors are Cherry, Orange, Banana, Kiwi and Strawberry. These symbols are relatively frequently encountered and allows you to get a payout that is classified as moderate. If you are targeting a higher payout, then you must rely on symbols such as Perfume, Champagne, Bouquet, and Male-Female Signs. Get up to hundreds of coin payout if you managed to land 5 identical symbols on any active payline.

It’s a wild love

You can take advantage of a wild and scatter symbol gives the highest prize. Wild symbol in this game are the Wild symbol Number Plate and offers over 10,000 coin payout. This is the most precious symbols of the most capable of providing the greatest gift of Dr Lovemore slot game.

In addition to wild symbols, you can also utilize the scatter symbol that can bring profits without having to follow an active payline. Benefits that can be enjoyed from competing fairly symbol where you will get a payout of 250 coins if successfully landed five scatter symbols. Tacky face of Dr Lovemore is the scatter symbol of the slot game Dr Lovemore.

Play Instantly Dr Lovemore by Playtech With 5 Bonus Rounds – If you want a bonus game that provides so many free spins, you need to target symbols of pink Underpants landed on reel 1 and reel 5. You will get a bonus of 20 free spins that can be used to collect coins without having to spend money bets. That is why the players must catch Underpants Dr Lovemore as one important weapon to get a payout of interest.

Overall, Dr Lovemore slot game in Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins will keep you so entertained with tacky used graphics contained therein. You will be happier if it managed to collect thousands of coins of various symbols. If you hesitate to start the game, then you can learn the characteristics of the game Dr Lovemore slot by utilizing a demo version of slot games provided by Playtech. These games bring the same experience to the slot game version of bets so that you can figure out the tricks that can be effectively used to win a bet.

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